GTA 6 Release in 2018, to Feature Ryan Gosling & New Female Character

Posted 20 Jun 2015 in NEWS

GTA 6 Release in 2018, to Feature Ryan Gosling & New Female Character

GTA 6 Release in 2018, to Feature Ryan Gosling & New Female Character

The highly anticipated gaming title “Grand Theft Auto 6,” the next installment in the most successful Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto” franchise, will feature Ryan Gosling.

Rumors have it that the star will be featured in the upcoming “GTA 6” title as the lead protagonist. The game title will most likely be similar to “GTA: Vice City” that had big-name actors playing important roles.

“GTA 6” is even speculated to take place in the 80’s in the Vice City again, as the lead protagonist role is reportedly tailor-made for Gosling, with fans believing the star’s role in the movie Drive and the location would complement well, according to Christian Today.

The long-rumored game title is also said to be connected with “Red Dead Redemption,” as the protagonist will allegedly be the descendant of the “Red Dead Redemption” lead character – John Marston.

The next installment has two main rumored locations – America and Middle East. According to various reports, Rockstar Games was mapping the whole of United States for the “GTA 6” title. If it turns true, the game title will be the biggest game yet from the developer. In case of Middle East, speculations are that the game can have terrorist as the main antagonists and be set in Middle East.

Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games, has ruled out the option of UK, saying that if there’s a game set in the UK, it won’t be a “GTA” game, though the team has mulled over the idea years ago,Crossmap reported.

The “GTA 5” sequel is also expected to have a female character included, as House said earlier that “In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course. We just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things we always think about,” DesignTrendquoted.

The much awaited “GTA 6” release date is speculated to be in the year 2018. However, these reports need to be taken with a pinch of salt as Rockstar Games has not yet officially confirmed even the “GTA 6” gaming title.

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  1. Abdelbima (20 Jun 2015, 21:09)

    Are you Ready Skidi and Reldi?

  2. Gustavo (21 Jun 2015, 15:47)

    I really really wanted GTA 6 map be based on Las Vegas again, like, it is already beautiful seeing Las Venturas on GTA San Andreas. I can’t imagine how would it be in next gen.

  3. amy (21 Jun 2015, 23:41)

    @ Abdelbima Who isn’t ready for another Stealy Wheely Automobily?

  4. MaRwAnZ (24 Jun 2015, 7:36)

    its going to be badass

  5. vidux (24 Jun 2015, 12:42)

    oh computer specs not enough for this 🙁 i will play it next life

  6. Manboob (24 Jun 2015, 15:34)

    Cant Wait!

  7. cesar (29 Jun 2015, 8:27)

    PC Min Specs:
    Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12gb VRAM SLI

  8. hosamhosam1 (01 Jul 2015, 19:04)

    If You Can Make In GTA 6 Kind A Gangsters Mode… Ability To Make Gangster Make Crimes Like Rob A Bank …. Kill Important Mafia Guy…Fire Police Station…Something… Really Damn Good Crimes And Also You Can Promote The Gangsters…
    The Would Really Wonderful That Makes GTA 6 Top Of The Games


  9. xAnon (08 Jul 2015, 18:26)

    i wonder GTA San Andreas + GTA 5 + God Father + Mafia + Sleeping Dogs + Skyrim (only for quest)
    and i will be forever alone :v

  10. cagdas (14 Aug 2015, 3:31)

    2018 hmmm it will delay to 2019… ok now eat some break grow up kids !

  11. hammerush (02 Sep 2015, 19:57)

    i want that gta 6 will be more realistic i mean when you have 2 stars wanted the cops will not shoot you like crazy because i hit the police car by accident….
    i want it to be like…
    when you got 1 star the cops will try to pull you and talk with you and when you have 2 stars they will try to arrest you and if i will resist then they will taze me or something and in 3 stars they will open fire like not very crazy like 5 cop cars behind me and 4 cops each car trying to kill i mean like 2,3 car chasing you trying to hit you and putting road blocks and if you have like 4 stars they will send a SUV’s after you and try to shoot your tires or try to surround you..
    and lets say in 5 stars they will try to shoot you down with heli’s and try to shoot you and put spikes to stop you and if you add a 6 star lets say they sending the most heavy units on you like cops with heavy armor and heavy weapons…

    and not like i hit by mistake a cop car they trying to kill me
    i wish you will do this <3

  12. sid (25 Sep 2015, 8:04)

    As gta 6 is excepted to be set in 80’s theme, I hope it doesnt end up like the disastrous sepia gta iv…..

  13. Skid Mark (29 Oct 2015, 23:19)

    You do know that this was a scam? GTA 6 has not even been announce by Rockstar but by some kids with great graphics designs and a fake trailer. If you looked at the trailer they messed the Rockstar trademark up horridly… AND in the beginning they misspelled Rockstar. Do research before trying to announce :/

  14. Skid Mark (29 Oct 2015, 23:21)

    Adding on to my previous comment. If rockstar did announce it would be on their website just saying…

  15. eyad (10 Dec 2015, 19:39)


  16. Nihal (16 Dec 2015, 13:48)

    When will the fuckin FIFA 16 Crack release?????

  17. TONGAX (16 Dec 2015, 14:27)


  18. klan (19 Dec 2015, 15:27)

    minimum system requirements are i5 2500k or equivalent cpu
    geforce gtx 660 2gd5
    6gb ram
    75 gb hdd
    so don’t lie about that minimum gpu is gtx titan x sli

  19. NipsLip_15 (24 Jan 2016, 16:31)

    i wish the game would take place in modern life and not in the 80’s

  20. UnHappy (23 Feb 2016, 12:40)

    are fuck*ng kidding me is awesome man

  21. steve (05 Mar 2016, 15:12)

    Well GTA V was the last game of gta saga according to rockstar quote “gta V would be the last game of the series,we could remake some games with enhancements for modern OS and more up to date graphics but there isnt a thought of another gta in the series”
    Lets remember they make games making deals to get more sales on cpu and gpu (this was the sudden raise from the dead of intel cpu) besides if they make another just think that it would be another gta 4 this means “the game has this requirements but you need a pc that would be released in the next 5 years after the release of the game ” because this was what happened with gta 4 i know this because me and lot of friends buyed the freaking game to fid out that even if we had the reccomended system the game barelly run at full speed until the change of pc for a more modern one and this was after 5 years and then finally we could run the game so i there is a gta 6 it will happen the same

  22. saif (20 May 2016, 11:13)


  23. saif (20 May 2016, 11:13)

    haw are you

  24. stefan (31 May 2016, 10:59)

    This game is good in my opinion

  25. Mr jefferson (23 Aug 2016, 19:02)

    I Mean. Even If It Needs 12gbram U Can Go To Documents And Type 0 On Shadows Or Anything Else.I Think.

    Ain’t I Right?

  26. M4rk101100 (31 Mar 2017, 21:22)

    Had Razor 1911 dispeard from the scene? What RLD! think of it?

  27. johan (16 Apr 2017, 22:52)

    Cant Wait Anymore If Gta Vi Is Ready….. O
    —- )

  28. abderrahmane (11 Jul 2017, 19:44)

    thank you

  29. pavelo (15 Jul 2017, 20:02)


  30. Vzon (10 Aug 2017, 0:47)

    Well I Loved Playing Rockstar’s Series of Games.All Games Are So Satisfactive…But Somewhere The Up-To-Date Games Lack Some Thing Very Important..So If They Were Like Fixed/Improved In GTA 6 Every Rockstar Games Lovers Will Be Happy…||
    In This New Releasing (Maybe) Game Named “Grand Theft Auto 6”..I Would Like To See Many Things Like:-
    1.Improved Vegetation And Not Those Glitchy Type Like In GTA5…Suppose If You Are Passing Through Some Bushes It World Like Just Stay Frozen And Even Pass Through Like It Just Had Some Magical Powers (#Also Want The Vegetations To Be Real With Detailed Stuffs)…Dense Forests Must Also Be Included

    2.The Cars Have Freeking Part On The Lower (Bottom)….Everything Looks So Unreal And This Is So Annoying

    2.The Mountains And Rocks Looks So Unrealistic Like A Cartoon…The Textures Are Very (I Would Say) BAD

    3.When Vehicles Explodes…The Explosions Are Of Average Type Not So Realistic too….But Then The Crappy Vehicle Is To Very Bold Black Shaped Shit…Even The Vehicle Should Get Damaged (i.e The Roof of Vehicle must Be Torn Off,Different Shape Of Vehicle After Explosion etc)

    3.The Game World Must Not Be So Normal Too…Accidents Should Happen,Gang Wars Between Other two Gangs,Drowning Peds,Random Planes And Helicopters Crashes Due To Technical/Pilot Problems,Including Of Kids And Babies,Peds Must Be Busy In Their Own Works And Some Chilling,Arrival Of Medias After Some Accidents,etc(More to say…If You Like To Listen To)

    Almost Everyting Must Be Distructable And Fun To Destroy (Houses,Bridges#Like Just Cause 3 using Bombs#,Walls,Trees,Metal Bars Of Roads,Dams,Towers etc)
    Every Houses And Buildings Access Able With Different Designs Of Rooms,Haunted Areas With Real (Not Transparent) Ghosts..
    Making New Homies,Gangs,etc
    Wide,Huge And Extended Maps…With Hills,Cold & Snowy Mountains

    MAYBE DEVELOPER MUST BE GOD…LOL(Hahahahahahahahaha…)
    Its All About The Satisfaction Of Players…Funds…And All
    Long List Of Things I Would Like To See In GTA 6…
    But Happy To Hear Rumers Of Releasing Of GTA 6 soon 🙂 😉

  31. Vzon (10 Aug 2017, 0:54)

    Also See The Comment Of #Hammerush Above
    Left This On My Comment…Freeking Hell Yaaa

  32. guru (28 Aug 2017, 1:31)

    Bro please put ps4 games

  33. Akio (08 Sep 2017, 14:18)

    GTA 6…..more explosion,more cars,more bitches,more killing,more stealing,more missions,more weapons……Its gonna rot your brain [100%] if you think about playing this much “more”….!!!!

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